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Islamic Plan for Life

Islamic Plan for Life is the second book in a series of 5 books. It is preceded by Islamic Belief System.

Islamic Plan for Life studies the practical plan of Islam for achieving happiness. The goal of this book is to help readers to know and take the path drawn by intellect and revelation for achieving individual and social happiness.

In addition to discussing both the individual and social moral system and the individual and social behavioral system in Islam, Islamic Plan for Life reviews Islamic plans for supporting the family and providing order, justice, and welfare in the society. Then, for making the theoretical discussions more tangible, the book discusses the efforts of Muslims in implementation of the Islamic plan for life and changing the culture of the Age of Ignorance to a divine-human culture. At the end, it examines the religious culture in comparison with ethnic culture and the issue of Islamic identity.

Studying this book independently is possible; its content completes the topics in the Islamic Belief System. The reader of the two books will receive teachings about proving the existence of God and knowledge about some of His attributes and actions, and then will know about the human being, his existential aspects and his moral and spiritual capacities. Then, he will learn that human being, in addition to benefitting from the general guidance that every being benefits from, is also guided exceptionally through intellect and revelation. Benefitting from and using received guidance through intellect and revelation brings about worldly and otherworldly happiness to human beings and the society. Discussions regarding theology, knowing human, revelation and prophethood, the hereafter and happiness are included in the Islamic Belief System.


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