Introduction to Theology

Islamic Belief System Course is designed in a way that covers the main subjects of Aqaid and some contemporary issues.

We will start aqaid and talk about knowing Allah (SWT) or theology. The second unit has an introduction and then starts with some arguments for the existence of God. We will study three major arguments for the existence of God. One is the Argument from Design, we traditionally call it Burhan Nazm; the second is the argument based on the innate knowledge that we have, Fitrah; and the third is the Cosmological Argument, or Burhanul Wujub wal Imkan. Afterwards we will talk about the attributes or qualities, sifat, of Allah (SWT). We will have a discussion on how to classify the divine attributes.

Then we will talk about some particular attributes of Allah (SWT) which are very important: knowledge, power, wisdom, and justice. Here we will pause and talk about the issue of catastrophes and tragedies that take place in the world, the problem of evil, which is a very important question that many people ask.

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